I miss the rain. Don't u?
I want to collect seashells off the beach, like we used to do when we were young.
Remember the largest coquillage we got? I can’t find it. It was so beautiful. It had a cream interior that shone like water.
I want a candy-apple, and one of those jam-filled doughnuts.
Blue cotton candy.
The sand was so fine and so white, with tiny seashells by the water.
I think they come here to die, those creatures to which those beautiful shells belong.
It’s a beautiful sight to be your last, I can’t disagree.


  1. saying that that was deep.. would be an understatement... it's never too late to fill yer shoes with sand and carry a bag full of seashells around with you.. it's never too late, yer never too old ;)

  2. For some reason the song "Yesterday" by the Beatles was playing in my head as I read this blog...


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