Eight Thirty Ante Meridiem

The alarm clock sets off. Its 8:30 am.

“rise and shine, its a beautiful new day!” says a voice in my head. Another voice says: “shut up u idiot, u’ll wake her up! Give her another 5 mins.” And a third voice says: “how about we stay home today? Its just one lecture!”

Someone’s knocking at my door. It cant be mom, she’s at work. So I get up and open the door. My hair is messed up and I can barely see in the bright sunlight flooding the corridor where both our housemaids were standing.

Standing there, both of them looking scared and confused. How can they break in the news to me? “Asmaa.” Says the one closer to my door. “what is it? What’s wrong?” seeing the look in their eyes. “Mohammad (our driver) took Joseph’s (our other driver) car and had an accident. Now he’s at the police station, they wont let him go.” And then they both hurried off as fast as their feet can carry then as far away as possible from my door.

What scares them so much of me, seriously now? Am I that scary??

“The number u have dialled cannot be reached at the moment, plz try again later”. Lovely. Mom is stranded where there is no network coverage. “well, where is Joseph?” “he went to get a water lorry” the other maid told me. Well, no college for me today.

Two hours later. “Asmaa, how are we going to get Isso (my little sister) from school? We should pick her up in a little while.” Said my maid to me. Good question indeed, don’t u think? And suddenly, lo and behold, arrives Joseph! Now all I need is the spare key for Mohammad’s car, since he crashed Joseph’s, and I can pick Isso from school! Salvation!!

“Asmaa, what happened? I just got the messages u sent me. All spare keys are in the top drawer” said my mom when she called just in time to save me. Silly me, to think it was all that easy. “Mom, I found all spare keys to unlock every lock in the house! But not Mohammad’s car!” The bastard! He’s being kept at the station AND he has the spare key! “I’m giving them 20 S.R. and sending them in a taxi, ok mom?”

“Asmaa! I’m in a taxi!! And I had to walk till ta7lia to get one!” said the astonished and very friendly younger sister of mine when she called. “just plz get back home so I can take a Bruffen and pass out, will u?” and she was home.

And at last, I got some sleep. Lovely day, don’t u think?


  1. Oh the days when all the responsibility in the world just jumps on your shoulders without you even having to ask..
    Pays off at the end, when everything is back on track.. u feel u've matured :P

  2. I guess its one of those days that start off wrong...

    Dear Can I ask a favor? If you are gonna write white on black canvas, please use a larger font.. I swear I can still see the words from your journal everywhere I look as if they have been burned into my eye! LoL

  3. Jewel: yeah, mature and needing a nice good stong painkiller!

    Godfather: never think that a day started off wrong, a day never does. its just the way we see the day. and i carry not a molecule of regret to the headache i got that day.

  4. first i want to say that i like your photographs <-- i actually called photographs instead of simply pics!

    and well crazy day indeed!
    for somer eason i laughed at "to get a water lorry" that's so annoying thse days!

    and luckily everything worked out :)

  5. yes, thank god it went well! looking back at it, it wasnt a bad day at all!

    btw, this is my attempt at a photo journal, an everyday thing. my art website is http://lil-souma.deviantart.com


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