Late last night

Do u know how useless I feel? Utterly and most completely.

Spending a whole year studying a subject I didn’t like just because I wasn’t quite good enough for them to excuse me as they did everyone else.

I don’t feel abandoned, I just feel alone.

My friends haven’t left me, they r here for me more than ever. But it isn’t easy not seeing them everyday. It’s the only thing that really hurts. I miss them.

I’m making new friends and meeting new people. This year hasn’t gone completely in vain. Or so I try to tell myself.

For once, I don’t think I can handle the irony.

Life is a struggle. Carry ur scars with pride. I know. It is still painful, nonetheless.

I’ll manage.


  1. it suck sooo bad when you have to do something new alone .
    and i dont like to study something that am not convenced with even if its sooooo easy .
    anyway be strong and you'll manage


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