Monday, November 20th, 2006

Like a blue piece in an orange puzzle, that’s how I felt. The surroundings were too bright and I couldn’t have been standing out any more prominently than I have been.

I was clearly at the wrong place, I never had strong religious views. I care about the society, but not the way they put it. This was their world and I was trying to blend in. for the sake of my friends.

It’s peculiar how something so small quiet can evolve into something so large and thunderous. We were ten girls sitting on the living room floor, talking about issues that mattered to us and how we wanted to make the world a better place. But now, it isn’t so small or quiet anymore.

I walk into a moderately large room to find about a hundred girls gathered there and a girl presenting a topic. I only recognise a couple, and the rest don’t know me as I don’t know them. I felt so estranged. I know this isn’t my passion, but do I deserve oblivion?


  1. You dont have to feel that way, I dont like large group confrontations and discussions either. They are NEVER done in a civilized manner, and it ends up like "el etejah el mu3akes" program on Jazeerah where everyone is shouting, lool


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