A Fortnight

Its been a while... not my best photography, havent been feeling so well...

al falah school in al balad..

Going to college
The Beach
RooftopsBaby feet!!

She can do this all day!
talk about rain



  1. awwwwwwwww!!! i loved that little kittie!!! *squeezes kitten* ... she's soooo cute! *guchi guchi goo* .. hehehe ..
    the pictures are nice .. well i enjoyed them .. i liked the kittie one *obviously* and the baby feet .. and well .. almost all of them .. :)

  2. great sky shots!! oh and 2istedgirl!!! *slaps hands* put that poor kitty down!! how many times do i tell u that kitties are our friends?? we DO NOT squish poor cute kitties!? do u understand that??

    the baby feel are just adorable!! :D

  3. thanx sweeties *saves her little kitty*

  4. *hugs hand and glares at aphroditeshari* i was just letting it know how much i love it ...

    *sniff sniff*

    i miss freckles .. i could squish her and squeeze her as much as i wanted .. *scratches head* maybe thats why she ddnt like to come to me .. *giggle*


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