Tuesday, February 13th, 2006

It was right after sunset, the weather was amazing. I was sitting with one of my friends, a guy who happens to b much younger and much taller than I am, at the beach. The place around us populates and vacates. A while later we decide to head back to the house.

As we r walking, two girls in 3abayas walk by us talking "do u think those two are related?" "no, I don’t think so. They don’t look alike". They think I’m dating a 16 year old. Lovely. We spent all night calling out to them "ya 3abaya zarga!! 3abaya zarga! 3abaya zarga!". And thats how my evening started.

Later on, we go back to the beach. His sister joins us. we sit there talking and I start getting cold, so at first she snuggles me to get me warm. That didn’t work. So she sat on my lap. Anyway, we talk, my cousins pass us by. And then one of my guy cousins comes up to us and says "my friends are here, I don’t want them seeing you two girls". I don’t get told around by children, so I shooed him away. Then one of my girl cousins comes over "hey, listen. By the way, the people here think that you two are lesbians. Just thought I’d let u know y they r all looking at you. That’s why he came to ask u to get back into the house". We sat there looking at each other, my newfound girlfriend and I, and we burst out laughing.

I was getting cold enough already, so we went inside. On our way a lady stops my guy cousin and asks him about us, eyeing us from a distance.

Lovely day, don’t u think?

And I just got winds of a rumour that someone thinks that the Saudi band I photographed are Satanists and insulting Islam with their music. I just cant find the link for that. Wish me luck!


  1. Omg thats so hilarious!! what the hell they can't even let you go in peace...

    God does living in KSA making everything all so hard :S

    lool good luck with everything dear

  2. h3 h3 h3 welcome to saudi arabia and believe me things in jeddah are much better than here in riyadh .
    people talk about me all the time and i reached a point where i really dont care any more .
    anyway take care

  3. loool.. ppl.. dont u just love them?? *hug*

  4. Sick people, every happy person must be abnormal.. I won't even get started how many times ppl thought my husband was my boyfirend just beacause he looked into me loool


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