12:40 am

i walk into my room, my abaya smells of cigarettes i haven't smoked and my feet are killing me. It's a bit late, i know, dad was waiting for us in the living room.

"where have u been?" he asked. "at this exhibition...". little does he know about that exhibition. I've always admired those people, and the fact that they take time off their lives to make the world a more beautiful place. if i cant make the world a better place, i can at least make it a place more to fit my fancy! it was so beautiful.

I have never even imagined to be surrounded by so much art. The outcome of so many people's lives, hanging them on the walls with my own hands. At that moment, I couldn't care less if no-one showed up, I just wanted to lie down on the ground and stare at all this.

It drove me crazy, but it was worth it. Fayiz, Shari, Squeek and Kholoud, i cant thank them enough. and i'm sorry if i were ever so bossy. i did gain a better insight at the amount of my anti-sociality, but then again, it was worth it.

i need to sleep. i think.


  1. Congratulations, luv. You did a great job. It was awesome!

  2. YAAAY!! *hug* can we have a long recovery before we do this again? lol ;)

  3. awww *HUGS BOTH* yes,, sleeep!!


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