u know what i think? that i should just withdraw and disappear. what good is trying to place myself back in this so called life? I'm already invisible, it wont change much. I'm just that annoying pebble in ur shoe that u don't even bother to throw out. i feel myself to be of the utmost insignificance, of the least importance and the slightest degree of being. i feel invisible, not unseen but non-existing.


  1. Relate between Asmaa 2010 and Asmaa march 08, 2007... :).. I can preach as much as I want but in the end it's your job to know and believe that we love you and care for you and of course we disagree on every word written here xD.

    Jum3a Mubaraka

  2. *HUG*
    well, my auntie passed away wagtaha w al nas fel 3aza ma ysta7o 3ala wajhahum... cant blame me for being so emo.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear that.. In my grandma's funeral the same happened... complete and total and extreme gillat adab u could ever imagine. Nobody respects funerals anymore I guess!!!

    الله يرحم موتى المسلمين و يسكنهم فسيح جناته و يغفر لهم خطاياهم يا رب


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