Monday, March 5th, 2007

So I spent last weekend in Egypt. We landed in Alexandria and took the train to Cairo. I've been ill since I got back here. I know I'm not writing like myself today, my auntie just passed away last night. today is the 1st. I'm still confused and the physical pain I'm going through isn't helping. I'll go drink some soup, go to the doctor and then go to their house.

Taken on the plane.


  1. *hug* awww sweety... its ok.. things will get better.. :(

  2. a7san allah 3zakom w 3a6'am allah ajrakom .

    things will get better just give it some time

  3. 3a'9am alla 2ajrich 7abeebty...

    This is lifes' rule and we have to accept it.. have faith and be the strong person that you are..

    take good care, ou get well soon love :**

    **HUGE HUG**


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