Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007

i had a hard time putting myself to sleep last night.

At 7am, my alarm goes off. it startled me, my heart is beating too fast. i shake off what's left of "the dream" just to realize that i wish i was living it. at that point life becomes too much to handle. i decide to go back to sleep.
"Asmaa, wake up now, we'r going to be late for ur appointment". what appointment? oh, my friendly orthodontist's. lovely! Note the sarcasm.

its 5pm, i press the elevator button that lights up briefly for the door to open. i enter and press the button to the floor but someone's stopping the elevator door from closing. "would u like to come in?" "no, no, no" She said. So i get to the floor, i speak to the receptionist and i take a seat. She sits in the seat facing me with her mother. Her mother staring at me from that slit in her face-cover. Her stare wasn't icy cold, i could handle that, it was boiling. The amount of hatred i sensed was unbelievable. I was being stared at by a Medusa who wanted me to burn to ashes than turn to stone.

I sat there, reading my book and reciting all the qura'an i memorized by heart, feeling her stare at me. i can feel her eyes, she gave me a headache. They called her to her appointment. Finally.

i go back home to my beloved pile of studying, to biochemicalize my brain as i can for the next 2 hours. then a thought hits me. Chocolate. Larissa's hot chocolate, i cannot describe it, i'm tagging Kholoud and Dania in this note for it. its just... amazing...

i drank my fill now i go back to bed, hoping i can live "the dream" long enough to forget life.


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