About The 16th of June.

And so i turn 21.

I had a terrible weekend. my last exam was disastrous in astronomical proportions, but then its always been this way. i was planning on spending the whole day on Saturday sitting at Casper's doing nothing, a celebratory ritual, to bask in the shadow of leaving the 2nd decade of my earthly existence behind. But i didn't even have it in me to get out of bed.

Dania called on Wednesday evening saying that we both look like we could use waffles for breakfast after all this. And we go to Casper's on Thursday morning.

That was the most beautiful morning of life.

I was being thrown a surprise breakfast birthday party! do u know anyone at all who's had one of those before? I was so happy. It took all the pain away, just seeing them all there. I love them so much.

I turn 21 with no regrets.

P.S. i got the cutest most adorable gifts ever, and NO i am NOT telling anyone what they were! Okai fine, they got me THE camera! And stuff with it! I cant believe them! And Roger Waters' Live In Berlin The Wall DVD! *HUGE EVERYONE*


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