Life Expectancy

We are all going to die, it’s just a matter of time. It is not the “how” or the “when” we should be worried about, it’s the memory we leave behind.

What is a life expectancy? How long a committee of men believe me to be able to sustain the life in me is of no significance whatsoever. A substance abuser could live to see 80 and a child of 5 could die tomorrow.

When our time is here, there is no turning back. But for now, why the sad face?


  1. Us. And our Sad Faces. Very good question. For now, why?

  2. It's the fear that we will not leave behind anything of substance, anything that will be remembered years from now, anything WORTH leaving behind that brings about that sad face. Inevitable as death is, what we make of our time here is up to us..
    And if a sad face is what it takes to get someone to make something of themself, then so be it..

    Savvy Doc.

  3. Why do we have to be botherd by being rememberd or not...why leave a memory in such world thats meant to perish,perish along with the memories we leave...Death is not the End its only the Beginning.


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