Untitled V: On Courage.

She's the brave one.

The thin line between valour and the biggest mistake in your life is vague, and you'll never know which side you're on until you try. And when you do find out, it's already too late.

Leaving medical school is not an easy decision to make, neither is staying in medical school.

Every morning I need to remind myself of why am I in medical school, why am I paying my life as a price for the health of the ungrateful human race. But she realized that her happiness lies elsewhere, she found a place where she can be content and she pursued it. I couldn't possibly be more proud.

If your time to you
Is worth savin'
Then you better start swimmin'
Or you'll sink like a stone
For the times they are a-changin'
-Bob Dylan.


  1. Sometimes leaving something takes more courage, than sticking it out. Choices, choices, choices...I hate them. Bob Dylan does wonders for the soul.

  2. it does. i contemplate leaving medical school with every exam i sit. but she's got guts! i'm really happy for her.
    yup, Bob Dylan does.

  3. I love you more than words can describe *HUG*

  4. Amounati!
    well, ur the only pharmacology tutor i would ever state that i love.. love u cuteness! *HUG*

  5. From your about me part, I would think that this is an Art history, History, Psychology type of person. But damn, the white coat and (Dr.) written before one's name are so seductive!

  6. someone can't decide what pathway suits him best till he tries it himself..
    I found myself into many things, but Medicine being profession for me is the safest, other dreams can be postponed and experienced later..

    as previously mentioned, leaving field to completely different one require guts...but founding where you belong to is fantastic...

  7. Basil: i'm still in medical school, Amna was the one who left Pharmacology... i dont have that kind of guts!

    Jaffar: yes, indeed. and finding where you belong is fantastic.

  8. she left medical school for what? for social-activism? For "asking for women's rights?" For going out in public to whine and bitch that "I dont have my rights?" First get rid of the dictator munafiq king then and only then we will understand that Saudis want a change.


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