music is your only friend, until the end.

Cancel my subscription to the resurrection,
Send my credentials to the house of detention,
I got some friends inside.
The face in the mirror wont stop,
The girl in the window wont drop....

i don't understand anything going on around me anymore. it's so much more peaceful to just go to bed, try to sleep if i could. perchance to dream. that would be nice, i won't need to understand anything then.

it was so much easier living inside a shell, oblivious of life outside. why did i ever decide to get out? its not that pretty outside really.


  1. Oh my god!!! It is FanTasTic!!!!!
    I love it especially the shell part!
    Love u

  2. ...And it's always there for you when you need it =)

  3. thanx lujain!! miss u! i'm always away from my compie when u leave me mssgs!!

    Ex-clamation Mark: yup! indeed it is! especially The Doors, jim morrison has been through a lot with me...

  4. was working and read and thought of you!

  5. "music is your only friend, until the end. "

    Is that so? I thought it was diamonds.


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