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Pharmacology exam was strange. STRANGE i tell you! i miss Amna tutoring me.
The photo i took of her was published with an article on Awesome Arab Women in "Arabian Woman" Magazine. She's the cute one in the abaya and palestinian scarf.

Ran amok the ward looking for a case. Patients can't fake sleep if their lives depended on it. Ended up with a very sweet inflammatory myopathy patient, has been in the hospital for the last two years. Two whole years.
Adila told Dr. Khezindar that his calm manner scares her. She's so honest masha'allah.

Was Pharmacology Day! a whole day dedicated to nothing other than pharmacology! oh joy! They told me they didnt receive my logo for it, and when i got there it was everywhere!
Had a wonderful brunch with H!

Saw the inflammatory myopathy patient again. Then ended up with a paralysis patient. Even his respiratory muscles were paralyzed. Why do i keep finding the saddest patients in both the male and female medical wards this week?
Dr. Razina calls me "Tree" such a sweet lady, really.

And now, i shall have a bowl of honey cheerios and cold milk!


  1. I kinda hate you for this post. First the AW PDF (severe ego damage there, I tell you), then you being a tree amongst the sick, then all it together because you've completely ruined my day, leaving me feeling all incompetent and "unlikely fitting".

    I hate you.

  2. aaliyah! dont feel incompetent! that wasnt the point of the post! :'o(


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