Monday, April 6th, 2009

Ignore the following ramblings.
I mean it.

What happened to us? We’ve been friends ever since we met; natural selection played its role. And we’ve been close since ever we became friends, but for the last year I just don’t understand anything anymore.
I know you won’t be reading this. You’re the last person to read by blog. Do you even know that I keep a blog? Would be nice if you cared to find out.
Why am I not telling you this to your face? I’m not afraid that I may be overreacting, but maybe I’m just hoping you’d notice yourself and maybe return a call sometime. Or do you think I should stop calling myself and see if you would notice that I’m gone? Would you? Honestly now?
I’m not some extraordinary friend. I don’t embark on spectacular escapades. My life is far from glamorous. I keep to myself. But it was nice having you around.
P.S. I’m not being emo, I’m just rambling.


  1. Good for you for getting it out. They say that it helps to write a letter with all of your feelings and then never send it, but throw it out. This is much better!!!

  2. u ARE an extraordinary friend!
    u lead the most interesting life!
    Love u souma!

  3. Laura: thank u dear, i do feel a lot better!

    Lujain: *HUG* 7abeebi, thank u hun! love you too! and miss u loads!

  4. It's always helpful to write feelings. Helps to clear mind and move foward.


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