one for my baby, and one more for the road.

It’s a quarter to three.

Just made pasta and alfredo sauce. Cooking is enjoyable at such an obscene hour of night. Rather soothing.

Three meals a day. Haven’t had that in ages. Had cheese mana’eesh around 5 pm with H, then honey cheerios and cold milk around 10 pm when I got back home, and now pasta.

Vengeance, hatred and envy have been the most popular topics this week. Medical students being unable to achieve peace with themselves, such a concept being so complex to them, let alone the process.

A religious speaker urging us to think of the patients as ourselves. That one day we'll be ill and bedridden, and one day we'll die. Well, eventually. Listening to her and ignoring the most important rule of emotional detachment, we may even be closer to the grave than we though.

To forgive and forget. Well, maybe forgive, but not forget. It’s become a part of who I am now and because of it I am able to forgive. So, no, I wont forget.


  1. Vengeance, hatred and envy have been the most popular topics this week."Hmmm...I wonder whom you're talking about.

    *H places a leisurely cheek on a callous palm*

  2. yup. you alongside a good number of medics considering revenge. dont think thats a good thing...

  3. How about this, in order for x amount of goodness to happen, the exact amount of badness has to happen too, in order for the balance to be maintained.

    You can't take goodness for granted and expect it to keep running without having the exactly same amount of badness to come off it for balance.

    You got me inspired. Keep thinking, you.


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