hypoglycaemic rant.

So i violate your delicate photographical pseudo-rules, i have curly hair that hasn't been a reasonable shade in three years and you wont stop bitching about it.

Yes, bitching. That is what you do. After so many years I thought you'd grow up, but you just keep proving to me that life is high-school and people never grow up. Ever.

The pretties flock together, the weirdoes cluster together and you try to score with the richest guy. You barely remember his name but you sure know which car he drives. Were we always this different?

I like short dresses, if I could I'd wear them the entire time. But I can't do that now, can I? You made that clear. I'm fat. say it, come on! I'm not skinny, i never were and i'll never be.

I loved my hair when it was purple, when it was green and when it was blue. And I'm going to miss it when it's over, and so will you.

This is not aimed at anyone, its just my sleep-deprived hypoglycaemic rant.


  1. the person you are talking to seems like a dick. cut ties now, or else i will unleash cats on keyboardz.

  2. wallahi i miss you Abdullah, so much!


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