Internal Medicine EOP for Fourth Year.

A 60 year old male patient presented to the clinic with a history of cough, haemoptysis and weight loss that started 12 days ago. He has been a heavy smoker for the last 40 years, 2o cigarettes a day. He was found to be cachectic, his fingers displayed clubbing. consolidation was found in the middle lobe of the right lung.

- what is your diagnosis?
- what are the signs and symptoms (from the case) to back up your diagnosis?
- list other differential diagnoses.

Help me.


  1. I think the most appropriate diagnosis is Lung Cancer.

    The signs and symptoms that suggest lung cancer more is:
    1. Smoker for more than 25 years
    2. Hemoptysis (the most common cause of hemoptysis is bronchitis & lung cancer)
    3. Weight loss
    4. Cough
    5. Clubbing (mostly seen in patients with lung cancer or chronic septic conditions)

    My other D.D is:
    Pulmonary Embolism

  2. my guess would be that he has a bad hard drive. please replace hard drive and reinstall operating system. make sure the firmware of the motherboard is up to date

  3. Thanx doc, thats exactly what wrote.. gets confusing after reading the question a couple million times...

    and Abdullah, i'll make sure i let him know :oD

  4. i was going to comment on this entry, but, sigh, i'm too tired tonight.. the caffeine.. it wares off :(


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