you are sixteen going on seventeen

Remember that song? From "The Sound of Music"?

We are growing old. We’ve always been growing old and we’ll always continue to do so. But this time it’s different.

I’m no longer 21 and soon I’ll no longer be 22. At 21 people mistook me for 17, now they mistake me for 20. I am afraid of my age.

I crossed the point where my bone structure is no longer that of a little girl. It shows on my face and I don’t like it, because next stop is wrinkles. I already have a good number of silver hairs. No, they’re not white, they’re silver and they shine. Haven’t noticed them before due to excessive dying: purple, blue, more blue and more blue. I think I’ll give my hair a break. But do you think black would look good? Though I’d have brown eyebrows.

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, I guess.

And no, I’m not brooding, it was just a thought.


  1. sometimes we dread growing up yet we still want the privileges that come with the passing years..
    i always remember wanting to be a "grown up" when i was a kid, until college came along and suddenly i'm wishing for cotton candy and coloring books!

  2. i think it doesn't matter what year we were born, it is what you do with your years that matters.
    you've died your hair in colors no one would dare to. you're a great photographer ma sha Allah, you're studying medicine and have the kindest heart. yes, you are growing up, but that's inevitable, i honestly want to be 50 with so many laugh lines and eyes that are full of wisdom and years of joy.
    growing up isn't scary if you have people that love and support you around you. and i love you Souma.

  3. monalisa: like playing dress up with mom's heels. and cant forget candy apples!

    Lujain: wallahi i love you too baby. and yes, laugh lines are something to be proud of! *HUG* and insha'allah i'll always have you around!


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