Girl, You Have No Faith In Medicine.

Its 11:30 am. I walk into building four, the sun is shining through the skylight into the white marble interior, girls are huddled together in small groups around the place revising for the exam at 1pm.

They were sitting across the building from me in clear view, just sitting there, laughing and chatting. This is Pharmacology final exam, 120 multiple choice questions from hell, and they are just sitting there enjoying themselves.

It’s 12pm now, Ghada and Dina are sitting next to me. “You can always spot them, they’re not nervous at all” said Ghada. “Them?” “Yeah, them. The ones who bought the exam questions from the doctor. It’s been the same group of girls since first year”.

P.S. whenever I come across the drug Acetaminophen, I remember Fahad and "Girl, You Have No Faith In Medicine".


  1. Good God that's horrible,
    at least there's solace in knowing they won't be laughing when Allah ye7asibhom!!!
    Love u!
    an enormous bear hug for u!

  2. how awful,,
    I've heard of such girls but thank God in my class those type are scant-if present at all..
    if i witnessed such thievery I'd be livid! i can't stand studying all night sacrificing hours of sleep while some girl just memorizes a couple of pages and in the end gets HIGHER MARK THAN I DO!!
    and what really gets on my nerves is that in the long run she's the one who's gonna regret it cuz no one wants to go to dentist who only knows what came in exam..
    "uh sorry i don't know what antibiotic i should give u,, it wasn't in the common mcq's!!

  3. Lujain: love you too *HHUUG* yi7rig al galb, really.

    Monalisa: its so sad, they dont think about their responsibility towards their future patients! its sad and hurts like a bitch (excuse my language)

  4. This has been a long time struggle for me too.
    I even view studying the common questions only as a form of cheating or at least "debatable gray area"

    Ethics for medical students instead of medical ethics! that's what we should be teaching ;)

    But you know what? nothing goes to waste and don't we all love Karma?!

  5. Kudos on the title!

    The Stripes are the shizzle.

  6. Bassem: oh yes we love karma hun ;o) its the only reason i dont seek revenge.

    SlouchyPants: indeed they are! thanx!

  7. pharma is always a pain in the a$s... !!!
    I'm still afraid of it... can't believe that i'm gonna have to go thru it all over again,
    and ppl who "buy" the MCQs.... !!!!!!!
    I'm run out of comments...
    the only thing s/he'll get is a *tshmeega mo7tarama* !!!!
    so the docs !!!

    p.s. the words (yours and mine) are way too diluted :@

  8. Fadiosis:
    i was trying my best to contain my feelings. ppl like these are utterly repulsive.


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