A Mouse Called Gerald

I know a mouse, and he hasn't got a house,
I don't know why I call him Gerald.
He's getting rather old, but he's a good mouse.

Syd Barrett
Bike - The Piper at the Gates of Dawn - Pink Floyd

High Hopes by ~lil-souma on deviantART

Only artwork by me is those above, the rest belongs to the artists.

I realize that Her Shmexyness doesn't agree with my utter adoration of this band, but I only call myself a fan of a few things. Pink Floyd being one of them. I won't go on and on about them, just give them a listen if this tickles your fancy.

Dark Side of the Moon 2 by ~megamanexev3 on deviantART

pink floyd the wall by ~NOTaFIREexit on deviantART

green floyd? by ~omppu on deviantART

Pink Floyd by ~Badhawk on deviantART

the last rock'n roll supper by ~O23 on deviantART


  1. :O

    Her shmexiness, aye? I salute you for calling me this! I shall start terrorizing people into calling me "Her shmexiness", I shall indeed.

    About Pink Floyd *shrugs* I've tried to like them after my friend BEGGED me to give them a second chance, and I did give them a second chance ... I still think they're ... yeah :P

  2. well, worry not Your Shmexyness, i dont coax people into listening to music i like. you do have an undeniably awesome musical taste though!

  3. I really liked interpretation of The Last Supper, but why does Jimi Hendrix look so gloomy? That guy was always smiling to himself and his band mates on stage, so it just looks weird to see him so serious.

    I enjoy Pink Floyd, but I don't know too much about them, other than Syd's obvious love for cid. I have to say though, Dark Side of The Moon is one of the few albums were you can listen to all the tracks continuously. The album was/is a complete mind fuck, the good kind, the use of instruments and sounds in a way where it all comes together to elevate the listener, good stuff. The stand-out track for me on that album is Us and Them, and my favorite Floyd track is Jugband Blues, which is just a sad song really, because it speaks volumes on where Syd Barrett was at mentally/emotionally. Btw that's a bad ass painting, man I really wish I wasn't limited to stick figures.

  4. I always wanted to make my own interpretation of the last supper, still haven't decided as what yet though...

    Well, I only know enough to tell which music was Syd's, which was Roger's and which was David's. Don't think we need to know more, right?
    Every year around this time, i play Dark Side of The Moon end to end, over and over again for as long as i need to. I thought i was the only one who gets that floaty/engulfing feeling while listening to their music, since most people think they're depressing and no good. I think they're absolutely gorgeous.
    Can't pinpoint a favourite really, depends on what point you're at in life at that moment, in time every song would have been a favourite at some point.
    And thank you, i try to paint as often as i can. Missed your writing btw, it's been ages since you posted anything.


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