One AM, June 1st '09.

Just a thought at one AM:

It’s a shame that I can’t run on the beach. I can walk on the beach, I do that often, but when I feel like running I have to confine myself to the gym and run on the treadmill. Treadmills are for people who don’t have beaches, but we do, regardless of how littered they are. But still, I can’t run on the beach, can I? I’ll use the treadmill by the window please.


  1. but you caaaaan!!!
    i have at least, and yes, half the world watched me and i may have gotten whistled at (it surprised me!!) but i did nevertheless!
    swinging on the beach is fun too!

  2. that is one undoubtedly interesting experience you went through! awesome! :oD

  3. it was gr8er hearing your voice darling!


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