Sunday, June 14th '09.

So, how did my exam go? this is how it went:

Me: “… and a scar below the knee on the patient’s right leg…”
Examiner: “Doctor, that’s the patient’s left leg.”
Me: “Yes, of course it is. Thank you Doctor.”

‘Nuff said.

P.S. Dr Mashat was wearing a pink bow tie today.
P.S.S. and he shaved his head as well.


  1. i think you did excellent

    after all ur a female doctor & its surgery of course u will have excellent grades <<< wants to have a fight :P

  2. Well, first of all Mister, its "Lady" not "female". D'accord?
    and i actually like surgery!
    and how did you know it was surgery?!

  3. شميت على قفا يدي وعرفت انه سيرجري

  4. its ok! i was kidding! dont apologize!
    well, i did mention that it was surgery on twitter, doobi etzakkart... *hides face in shame*

  5. Glad to see our next generation of doctors know their rights from their lefts :P

  6. It's so sad, isn't it? I blame our lacking educational system ;)

  7. You wouldn't know how tense OSCE exams until u try one :P

    i remember last year in my surgery osce the doctor told me to examine the left inguinal region of a patient and i started examining the right, he shouted i told u the left, i went yes but i have to check both :P

  8. oh the excuses we come up with ;o)


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