The Chicken Or The Egg?

This is by far the most entertaining answer to an overused cliche question!


  1. sometimes i really wish i spoke french..

    this would be one of those times..

    i still watched the whole clip, in hope of hearing a familiar word but to no avail.. :( now i'm sad..

    hello corner, mind if i curl up here? thank you..

  2. LOL!
    I loved this!
    So cute the french eggg
    'C'est pas moi. C'est pas l'oeuf!!!'
    You know I always suspected it was the chicken :P

    Frogman: I'll translate if you want :P

  3. if it isn't too much of a hassle :) the frog would would love to further bask in your awesomeness..

  4. Lol.
    Sure, why not?

    The colorful sentence at the begining says: 'Avez vous deja vu' = 'Have you ever seen?'

    Then there's the egg in boiling water. It's being tortured and no, its not making erotic noises just for the hell of it.

    Then the werid deep voice of the torturer says : "You okay?"
    And the talking egg keeps panting.

    Then it goes :
    'Avez vous deja vu une torture d'eouf' = 'Have you ever seen an egg being tortured?'

    Then the deep gay voice goes: "Ready to pass on to more serious things/torture?'

    The egg goes: "Pondu le 21.02, a consommer avec le 12.03"
    Meaning this particular egg was layed the 21st '02 to be consumed by the 12th '02.

    Gay voice with spoon says: That's all you know how to say.

    The egg keeps rapidly repeating like a nutbag: Egg layed the 21st '02 to be consumed by the 12th '02.

    Dude hits egg with a spoon, (I guess equivalent to chain saw for humans) ? and tells the egg: 'that's all you know how to say"

    Then the egg keeps going on and on about being layed the 21st '02 to be consumed by the 12th '02.

    And he hits her again and says : " I've broken down harder eggs than you (I'm guessing all puns and intended here) you know what we're interested in.

    Egg gets scared/nervous says : I know nothing, I know nothing..

    And the gay voice goes: "that's not the answer we want to hear". ( conspire against eggs mafia ;p)

    The stupid again says again: Egg layed the 21st '02 to be consumed by the 12th '02.
    And the egg repeats this a couple of times .
    Then guy hits again, and egg goes "oww, oh god! oww" and inevitably dude cracks its skull(?).

    The gay voice goes: 'It's sad that it had to come to this'

    Then egg yelps: ' nooo not la mouillette! (La mouillette is a finger of break usually eaten with boiled egg) It's the chicken. The chicken came first! It's not me. It's not the egg.

    And the gay guy goes: "You see, when you want.. you say.."

    And then the colorful writing comes again saying :
    "Maintenant oui".
    Meaning now, you know how an egg is tortured.

    This is officially my good deed of the year!

    Enjoy frogman, I probably like totally raped the whole video by now, but hey, atleast you get it. Yes? No? Hmm.

  5. awww Frogman, no be sad! chocolate?? so sorry i didn't translate it earlier, i'm still teaching children to swim. just got back home!

    Carpe Diem: XD glad u liked it!! i'm addicted to avez-vous deja vu! and thanx for translating it, and i apologize for arriving a tad too late, yet again...

  6. Carpe Diem, worry not for your translation was tres drole.. check me out with my mad french skillz..

    and Souma, je voudrais chocolat sil vous plais... i'm on fire today..

  7. Frogman - I smell
    But then again, just a sniff.

    Souma: Its okay. Like I said, good deed of the year :P


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