A Task Every Respectable Saudi Girl Must Undertake

A week before Ramadan started, I decided to undertake a task every respectable Saudi girl must: Making a new abaya.

Now, this task is relatively simple. Go to the shop, pick out fabric, pick out a design, pick out colours for the embroidery or the lining if any, then pick it up. Told you it was simple!

The shop clerk told me to pick it up in 10 days, but when I looked at the receipt it said 15. Not a problem at all, it’ll still be early in Ramadan by then. Oh how I was wrong.

Went to pick it up on time only to find out they made me the wrong model. Apparently the shop clerk wrote it down wrong. It had to be redone. How long will that take? “5 days sister! It’s the shop’s mistake! We’ll handle this swiftly!” said the shop owner.

In 5 days time I show up at the shop. “its not ready yet, why didn’t you call ahead? When it’s ready, I’ll call you. Your number’s on the receipt, isn’t it?” said the shop owner.

I had to call him back in 3 days. He said it was ready so I told him I’d be at his shop in the evening.

“But you didn’t tell me you were paying us a visit tonight! I told you to call ahead before picking it up, didn’t i? now let me have it delivered from the tailor’s, have a seat!” said the shop owner. And I sit there for an hour waiting for my abaya.

"So, why isn't your mom here tonight?" asked the very nosy shop owner who has absolutely no right to address me in any form other than a seppuku for atonement after screwing up my abaya and making me wait in the shop for an hour.

Then lo and behold, it arrives! Finally! The shop clerk takes it out of the plastic bag only for me to see that it is all embroidered in green. Green is a beautiful colour, just not when you asked for blue and purple. And that was the last straw.

“But I don’t see any blue in the original pattern! What’s wrong with this one? It’s not the same colour?! But I don’t see that! So you don’t like it then? What would be an appropriate solution in your opinion then?” said the shop owner. So I told him to make me a new one.

It’s due this evening. Wish me luck!

UPDATE: got my abaya!! and got a discount on it too, so. ^_^


  1. Take along a knife. A big one.

    And if the mess up again, I trust you know which end to use. THAT would be a most respectful hing to do at this point.

    Seriously though, you should be getting a discount at this point...

  2. i SHOULD get a discount, shouldnt i!

    sitting there for an hour, overhearing conversations of every single costumer who walked in, heard a lady say "this is the 7th time i have to come to the shop!" so apparently, i'd be seriously lucky if i get my abaya in one piece...

    get me chocolate *pout*

  3. you know what they say 7th time's the charm..

    mabrook, but seriously, why are the services here this bad.. is it possible for ALL the shops to handle everything this bad?

    i had a similar situation with the thobe for my wedding.. suffice it to say, three thobes later, and two shops later i was content :)


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