Untitled VII: Octopus's Garden

Twenty-one days to your birthday.

I miss you. Terribly.

I still cant believe we actually made it out of school together! Remember 12th grade? We haven’t studied one bit that year, spent it baking cookies at your place and having lunch at Chili’s every Wednesday. It’s a wonder I haven’t gained weight back then. Can’t say that about now though.

Then college happened. And first year of college, Bouba happened. She was so tiny! She’s 5 years old now, can you believe it? Met some really decent friends at college, still wasn’t like having you around everyday.

Now college ended for you, not for me though. He seems like a nice guy, the one you married. I still don’t know him that well though. He should know that he shall suffer terribly if he ever makes you sad.

While rearranging my books the other day, I found the copy of Merrick you got me. Its cover is much nicer than the one I already had then. I always loved the things you got me. Remember the amber turtle pendant?


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