Happiness Is A Warm Gun*

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We have a saying in Hijaz: اللي تعرف ديتو، إقتلو**. The Diyah is the death penalty money, though this time its pretty literal.

Sure thing! Let’s make it a whole lot easier for people to kill each other in this desert. We’d expect the dimmer half to wipe themselves out but we’ll proly end up like Idiocracy.

I mean, really, what are we worried about? We wont need the police anymore, everyone can fend for themselves this way! We won't need the army either, with all the militias we just facilitated their weapon acquiring.

Your daughter/sister has gone astray? She fell in love you say? Worry not! With a shiny new gun only a drive away, your honor shall me restored in no time!

Angry teenager? Hate your teachers? Why trash their car when you can get a gun. Can’t stand the two faced society which condemns your every act? Well, Tony Montana, they can all say hello to your little friend!

As if what happened in Khobar on the national day wasn’t bad enough. What if every one of those boys had a gun, and so did the shopkeepers? It’d been a bloodbath.

We still live in a jungle. We have a very long way ahead of us and I don’t want to be accidentally/intentionally murdered by an islamofascist before I see this country bloom.

People here have such great potential but severely lack nurturing. Better education and clearing up social and religious futile debates would take us a long way.

* The Beatles.
** اللي تعرف ديتو، إقتلو literally translates to: whoever you know their Diyah, kill them.


  1. i am extremely speechless. i swear to god i have no idea how our ministries think and prioritize.

    we barely have enough universities to educate our ever growing population, our public schools are a disgrace, and our private ones are barely decent.

    and still we think that giving our under-educated, full of hate, full of revenge people guns???

    giving us cars was bad enough, we abuse everything we are given. i seriously cannot see a bright side to this article

  2. I can't believe they're actually doing this.

  3. Looking forward to hearing about shooting incidents in schools!

    This might make tracking firearms easier, but it will also making obtaining them much, much easier! Yay! And well know how irresponsible parents can be, and how easy for their kids to grab a gun "securely hidden" in dad's room!

    Now I have to worry about potential people with firearms while walking down the street! While before it was only about thieves.

    Oh well, at least it makes zombie apocalypse scenarios in Saudi interesting. Now we have another spot to pass by before going to the supermarket to stock up on canned foods.

  4. Although I am not a big fan of this new regulation and I mostly agree with the direction of this post, I still believe that there are some points that could be argued.

    First of all, guns possession is a widely known practice in certain Saudi regions and it better be legalized and organized instead of keeping a cat and mouse game with smugglers which could lead to more dangerous situations anyway. Moreover, there are still some uses of firearms other than shooting at each other (e.g. shooting sport, which is an Olympic game).

    Again, I am not with this regulation, and I totally agree that some horrible accidents might happen, but let’s wait and see how things will turn out.

    Saad Al Dosari

  5. Frogman:
    This is seriously freaking me out, btw.

    Read the news last year about the psychiatric patient who stole his brother's Kalashnikov, drove all the way from Riyadh to Makkah just to shoot his nurse? And no, his brother did NOT link the disappearance of his brother and the gun both at the same time.

    And then there was that other patient who swore to shoot a doctor at our hospital... i still have no idea how the security guards contained him.

    Illuminated Mind:
    They are doing this, whether we believe it or not.

    As if we dont live in enough of a jungle as it is...

    I appreciate your optimism, really. I wish I still had it in me, but what can I say. After the psychiatric patient and the other patient (see reply to Frogman, above), i'm unbelievably afraid.

  6. wow that's bloody scary.. i don't even wanna think what the outcome will be.

    Let's hope someone talks some sense into them before the sporadic shootings begin.

  7. I'm not sure if I should add anything!! You already said it all.
    nicely written. I love your blog ♥ & keep us enlightened :)


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