On Saudi Weddings - Part Un.

This is a well overdue topic, I was about to sit down for this entry after the Al-Madani/El-Khereiji wedding but I was too busy crying. She’s been my closest friend for 10 years, a tad difficult to let go. The Khereijis have been more family to me than many of my blood relatives.

And this evening I’ve been to the Kurdi/AbulHamayil milkah party, that’s when they get their marriage certificate but not yet a wedding. They’re married but he doesn’t get to take her home.

It was delightful masha’allah, allahuma zid wa barik. Everyone danced. The bride, groom, mothers, aunties, brothers and sisters.

Which brings me to one of the most important aspects of Saudi weddings: Dancing!

There are two sides to dancing:
1-The manner in which a girl dances.
2-The reason because of which a girl is dancing.

Lets start with the manner in which a girl dances and add the reason next to it, shall we?

a- Those who smile while dancing:

1- Those are a rare finding, girls who dance because they simply enjoy the music, the company and are celebrating a friend’s new life.

2- Girls who are married and feel superior to everyone else on the dance floor. Those are included in type b as well.

b- Those with a serious look on their face while dancing:

1- A typical Saudi girl takes dancing very seriously. A serious face indicates how capable she is of dancing.

2- It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single girl in possession of good dancing skills, must be in want of a husband. It is, after all, the way her future mother-in-law is going to spot her. While dancing at a wedding.

3- “Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned”. Need I say more about a past flame? She’s either:
i- Been invited by the bride, to make clear whose property is the groom.
ii- Invited herself to cast a damboushi or something of the sort.

More talk about weddings soon. They are, after all, part of my duty as a good Saudi daughter/friend/cousin/classmate/colleague/et cetera.

This blogger, albeit her being a single Saudi girl, cannot/will not/shall not dance at weddings. I may have danced this evening, but then who could resist Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive?
I would advise you against taking this post seriously, but then it’s up to you really. Absolutely none of my business what you make of it.


  1. LOOL! very well described,
    what bout the girls who dance to check out competition?

  2. oooh must add that! any other contributions? i'll add them all in one go...

  3. Unrelated, but your photos are absolutely beautiful. I wish I had the time to dabble into photography

  4. HAHAHA!! I always noticed those girls who don't smile when they dance at weddings. I like to call them the P Diddy girls, coz Diddy's girls take grinding seriously.

  5. Trevelyana: Tahnk you! Glad you enjoyed them, you have a wonderful blog yourself!

    Ness: xD its so funny!! they're supposed to be having fun but then they frown and pout!

  6. I'm falling in love in your blog with every post :p... I thought mother-in-laws picking their daughter-in-laws by dancing is diminishing :p...
    But it seems not... hehehehe and daaaaance ya galbi so do I wallah I don't even know which steps should I make but for the sake of my friend (which in most cases is the bride or her sister) I dance !!!
    and the serious girls who dance like this >>

    i mean why exactly is the word wedding said in arabic as (fara7) ??
    the least you could do is to (show) that "fara7" on your face !! :\
    those girls really irritate my... good that we agree on that :P...
    sorry for my long comment.. i'm a "ger-ger" kinda girl :p... and i enjoy (al 7ash) fel nas :p
    loved your post... :D

  7. Fadiosis:
    I'm glad ur enjoying it! and go ahead, one of the reasons for having a blog is to ger-ger and t6ali3i eli f galbik ;)


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