Untitled IX: Regarding Certain Conditions.

The following is a rant. Feel free to ignore it.

Do you honestly think I like being ill so frequently? Being so fragile? Knowing that my body just can’t pull itself together on its own? I didn’t choose to befriend the ER staff, but since I spend so much time with them it was inevitable.

There are bruises on my arms and hands that won’t go away for months, it’s not the same as accidentally bumping into furniture. And there is nothing I can do about it. Needles always pierce skin through the same spots.

I see them whenever I look at my hands. While reading, writing, eating, showering, typing. The bruises are there and I know why I have them. And it hurts. I want to stop being so fragile. Is there really nothing I can do about it?


  1. it sucks that while helping heal others you get hurt along the way..

  2. :o what's wrong?
    Sucks! But that's life it gives and it takes.. Be well babe :*

  3. when all take something, he ya3awathna bee something a7san :)

  4. awww... *hugs*
    well darling i believe that when Allah takes something from u, He gives u much much much more that what u lost :)...
    think again, physical traumas are nothing as long as u can keep ur head up high...

    and may Allah take what stresses u away :)


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