Day One In Morocco

I'm blogging from my blackberry through stolen WiFi because my Moroccan SIM won't get me WAP. Go figure.

Woke up at 7 am, then took a 6 hour flight to a GMT zone. It's 2:30 am where I am now. So much for a 24+3 hour day...

We're staying at a quiet seaside town near Casablanca, called Al Muhammadiyah. They refrain from accommodating Saudis in this little town. Yes, we ARE rather infamous, us Saudis.

First thing I did was slip on humid floor tiles as soon as I stepped out of the chalet. Gladly I managed to shift my weight forward but then I ended up on my right knee. Hurts like hell but I suppose its better than a concussion.

Now, the food journal for Hning:
Other than plane food, I had fried Calimari, Sol Fish and tiny little shrimps called something akin to "corvette". And a diet coke, haven't had one in ages...

Then, I saw New Moon in French. And no, hearing them speak in French doesn't make the movie any less cheesy, Bella any less deserving a slap (not a spank, mind you), Edward any less Emo and Jacob any less hot.

Now, I sleep. I'll try to keep a day to day record of my short visit, since I can't tweet. Woe is me, why am I denied tweeting! Guess that's one addiction that got out of hand...


  1. I've never seen or read any of the Twilight series, but I'm told this sort of sums it up:

    Saudis infamous in Morocco? I wonder why ;P

    Hope you're having fin there. Take lots of pics!

  2. wish you a nice journey in morocco :) , take care and Happy eid .

  3. Oh, now you are making me homesick!

    Mohammedia, Casa, crevettes (small shrimp)... well diet Coke I can get here (and should't, because I forget to count the caffeine even though that is why I buy/drink it).

    Yes and Saudis have a dreadful reputation for buying women, or not buying the cab driver's daughter whom he has offered, as the case may be.

  4. Abdullah: yeah, thats about it...

    Muse: thanx! you as well dear!

    Chiara: crevettes! thats how its spelled then! thanx xD

  5. You're welcome! Just making sure you can order them off a menu, or point and say the word on the fisherman's wharf! LOL :)
    Knowing Moroccans the Arabic word might escape them!


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