She's So Heavy

This is a rant. You have been warned.

Am I misunderstood?

I am not asking this out of a bout of self pity, it’s a genuine thought. Language is a manner of communication, I tried what I may to achieve a somewhat adequate command of it. But in my forage for what I thought was adequacy, did I miss the point?

What point? Making myself clear. Well, that point! At times I think I’ve missed it greatly, even those I thought understood me would at least once prove me wrong. Again, need I remind you that those are authentic thoughts and not a fit of self grievance?

I never strove to be understood. Furthermore, I have always been quite content with my own understanding of the world. So, why these thoughts now? Is this finally an endeavour to prove to myself that I am indeed part of this society? To show that I have lived here and left my mark?

Would I be flattering myself if I were to say I imagine that in this post I am beginning to sound a tad akin to Dostoevsky with a hint of Thoreau? But then again, I hold no regrets towards any decisions which paved my way to where I am today.



  1. To be understood would be the most disarming experiences in life. To talk to someone with them understanding your motivations, needs, likes and dislikes...

    For the most part, I would be terrified of people understanding me. Language is ironically just a tool that can be as easily misused.

    I refuse to believe that the masses are made up of individuals who's motivations mimic those of society. It's made of those who use language to conform and those who use language to understand why.

  2. You make a perfect point. I guess I just miss the comfort of having someone to whom I don't have to explain myself...


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