Friday, December 11th '09

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Read that comic linked up there? Good.

So, what do we really need? Can you pack everything you need in a single backpack? I always thought I cannot possibly live without my books, but in prolonged absence of food and lack of shelter would I care more about having my books or providing my basic needs? Or are my books my basic needs? Would I want to provide food and shelter in absence of my books? Books here referring to whatever any of you cannot live without: iPod, Blackberry, Rubik Cube, Twin Lens Reflex Camera.

Do you agree to the Maslovian hierarchy of needs? Has any of us been deprived of simple basic physical needs long enough to test it? I don’t think we’ve ever been desperate enough. To quote Alia: “I’m not talking about one-time off kind of hunger. I’m talking about ingrained, prolonged and excruciating starvation. The kind that creates the greedy, lonely and anal persona that never seems to be satisfied. Or see beyond their hands-to-mouth rituals.” [click here]

People who lost their homes in the flood are being provided for by companies and individuals donating food and supplies in general. Those people, having lost everything but the rags on their backs, expect to find basic needs in the boxes sent by charity organizations, such as: rice, bread, salt and a clean warm jacket. Knowing what basic needs are, I can perfectly understand why anyone would donate boxes full of permanent hair colour, hairspray, pancake syrup and cupcake frosting. Honestly now, who came up with the brilliant idea of donating hairspray to flood victims?

What do you really need? Can you live but not survive? Or has survival simply evolved?

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  1. I just got introduced to Nina less than a month ago, somebody in Mississippi sent me a CD.

    I cried.

    For the things that made her sing like that. And not having the power to change them.

  2. Off topic--Just to let you know that I have started my own blog, Chez Chiara, (you have to put the www in for now). Come visit and comment!

    On topic--I am a fan of Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Hairspray comes way later than post-flood problems. Unless of course the humidity gives you the frizzies. No seriously, that is ridiculous if any part of it is for real.

  3. Alia: *hugs*

    Chiara: they did send in hairspray. the volunteers didn't pack it in the boxes though, no clue what happened to it or the hair colour, pancake syrup and cupcake frosting.

  4. Souma--thanks for the clarification. Perhaps those less pertinent items went to the volunteers, which I think is fair enough. Now was that good Canadian maple syrup pancake syrup, or the American corn syrup nonsense? LOL :_I guess someone thought is was a good idea, and may have been generous in their intent.


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