List: To-Do in the next ten days.

List of things to do before the year ends:
1- see an ophthalmologist.
2- Earlier bedtime.
3- sushi!
4- Re-read “The First Century After Beatrice”.
5- Double backups of everything, again.
6- Get scrubs fitted, again.
7- Fix abaya.
8- Get another cover for my phone.
9- Get a tiny Quran.
10- Fix two top drawers of dresser.
11- Arrange dresses in the corridor wardrobe.
12- Arrange shoes in shoe closet.
13- Make sure shoes are clean before they go into the shoe closet.
14- Give Sami the stuff I’ve been getting her all year. They accumulate.
15- Find my surgery recall pocketbook.
16- Get a black leather waist belt, or a purple one.
What else….