Amna finally has a BLOG!

She finally gave in to my unrelenting, unabated nagging which lasted for about a year!

I'd like you all to welcome my lovely neighbor/bestfriend/ex-colleague/chocolate oranges lover/humanitarian/sweetheart Amna Fatani to the blog sphere at her new blog "I Will Always Be Me" [click here] . do give her a warm welcome and a comment or two!

These photos were taken during a random shoot at my house in early 2009, the next day Rafid informed us that Arabian Woman Magazine would like to interview Amna. Spent that day sitting with her on the bed, laptop in front of me and Abdullah Al Najjar on the phone helping us write our response to the magazine.


Other posts about Amna in chronological order:
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  1. You can also add my post to the list :-)

  2. Thank you! I love you!!
    And thanks for the nagging, finally it worked!
    Can't wait for a new photoshoot ;)

  3. Ahmed:
    Added it! thanx for contributing your post :)

    and I love you too! *hugsqueezesuffocate*

  4. U gon get her on twitta also?

  5. got her on twitter a while ago,, just need to get her Ubertwitter or Twitterberry...


  6. very good step and i cant wait to see ur posts Amna :)...good luck..
    Thx :)

  7. Thanks for nagging her and letting us know. A great introduction to her blog!

  8. Also, I'm jealous! I want my photo-shoot. Like NOW ;-)

  9. Waseem: indeed, make sure u watch her blog :D

    Chiara: you're welcome ;)

    Ahmed: that's the kind of jealousy that warms my heart *feels all warm and fluffy* yalla, get to Jeddah, we'll go out for tea and photos :)

    Diana: xD

  10. Wow she managed to snag an interview the very next day? Now thats record time.
    Btw nice blog!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Ren: her brother arranged the interview a while back but only bothered telling us that day, luckily we had an unplanned shoot the day before.
    thanx :)

  13. i love the feeling of ( I FINALLY GOT YOU TO MAKE A BLOG) :D...
    i made 3 of my friends do so...
    lovely photos.. i think i might come to u :p
    i need cute pics for me :P ...

  14. Fadiosis:
    its an awesome feeling xD
    thanx! just let me know when ;)
    and always wave at me when u see me at the hospital, ok? i'm sometimes oblivious of my surroundings but people like you make my day!

  15. awww, i will.. :).. and it's good to know that i still "make" somebody's day !!


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