Donate A Smile For KAUH - Snapshots

The "Photography" tab on my blog includes things I like: underexposure, light streaks, lens flare, double exposure. Things that are generally considered bad photography but I find to be fascinating! This project I am about to introduce required me to do the exact opposite: nice and clean photos.

"Donate A Smile For King AbdulAziz University Hospital" is a project by Asmaa Mohurji, Ahad Yamani and Ibrahim Khayat. Photos of KAUH inhabitants (as anyone who works at a hospital knows: you don't work there, you live there) including students, doctors, nursing staff, et cetera, all smiling, were arranged into a video.

P.S. I love my friends, they allow me to photographically abuse them!

My Duha <3

Zain and Lujain

Hashim and Hasan

Rafa, Renad and Loulwa



Her dad promised me photos of his whole team and theater for his first operation of the day. As we got there we realized his OR was changed and the number wasn't on the board!
so Roah asked a nurse: "Do you know where my dad's OR is?"
Nurse: "Prof. Merdad?"
Roah: "Yeah, Doctor Mer... I mean, Prof. Merdad. Yes."
Nurse: "OR ##"
I just find it funny how children can't call their parents Prof/Engineer/Director/Et Cetera.

Shahad and Sara


The nicest anesthesiologist I have ever met

Dr. Mazroa and Prof. Merdad

Ibrahim Khayat

Ahad and I, shot by my little sister. I turn quite pink in the heat.

All Photos Are Copyrighted To The Awesome Asmaa Mohurji. Please Do Not Steal. kthnxbai.

The old video we had to remove:

The edited video:

Two girls in this video have their headscarves adjusted in photoshop, guess which!


  1. What a wonderful idea, and great post!

    I am so happy to see these photos, not just the smiles, which are great, but the quality of the photos themselves, and the glimpse they give into hospital life (yes, one tends to live there).

    Great watermark--discreet bur effective!

  2. PS that would be "...but effective!"

    If you do a google search it helps you learn ways to upload videos.

    Now if anyone knows how to get Blogger to allow a slideshow into a post itself (not the sidebar) I would be immensely grateful!!!

  3. Chiara: Glad you enjoyed it :D sha;; google how to get the video here.
    I CAN take photos that actually SHOW the people in them, see? xD

  4. Yes I see! And you have great looking friends and colleagues!

    BTW I just put up 2 cross-cultural medical posts and would love your comments, as well as those of your readers, friends, colleagues, etc, especially on the Saudi experience!

    Cross-Cultural Medical Observations From "The Little Boys' Room"

    Part I Auntilary*/Psycho-social

    Part II--Filial-Daughterly/Medical

    I hope you enjoy them!

  5. I'm in love with these pics besmillah mashallah Allaho Akbar ♥♥♥♥


    i'm so speechless ♥

  6. PS You have great looking you! Did you just add that last photo or was I more asleep this AM than I thought?

  7. Aww i loved the idea! Its gonna be shown in the conference that starts on saturday right? My sis told me about it she studies in kaau med, i hope someday i will too actually. These photos totally lift my spirits up! Would love to see the video even More :-)

  8. Really, really beautiful pics ya Asmaa.

  9. P.S. i linked the video up in the post, click on it and let me know if u can see it!

    Chiara: Reading the posts slowly, literary skills a tad impaired after a final exam.
    Awww aren't you sweet! Added the last two photos when I added the names after I published it, totally forgot myself and the photographers!

    Fadia: <3 i'm glad! see the video on my facebook account!

    Stylish-Girl: Thanx! Yeah, we're trying to have it shown, but since it's saudi arabia and there are photos of girls it's a bit difficult. But check the link I just added up in the post! Do I know your sister?

    Ahmed: Thank you darling! Check the video, linked it in the post.

  10. I love the photos!! Duha and Souma <3

  11. Saw the video: it is really exceptional! The concept, the photos, the captions, transitions, and music (excellent rendition of a wonderful song)! I was particularly impressed with the smile behind the surgical mask (eyes smile too!), the ones juxtaposed with the multiple sclerosis notes in English on the blackboard in the background, and in Arabic on the heart. All were wonderful though.

    I also found the website for the conference. Great work, and kudos to the student organizers. The program looks excellent, with important topics on mental health, addictions, women's health, public health, medical education, and medical ethics. Have a great conference weekend!

  12. PS Thanks for reading my posts, and post-exam!!! Wow! :)

  13. PPS--doesn't Loulwa look like the beautiful, brilliant, and comical Tina Fey of SNL and Thirty Rock fame?

  14. All the ladies' pics here are now up in my post on the phenomenon reported by Arab News of non-medical women wearing a lab coat instead of an abaya and passing as doctors:

    Medical Cover: Abaya/Lab Coat/Scrubs

    Hope you will all get a chance to read and comment when your conference is over! (or on conference breaks! LOL :) )

    Many thanks to Souma for her encouragement and the permission to use her pics.

  15. Great idea and a nice video to watch. May the sun always shine on those who had the idea and took those lovely shot. I feel our country is safe with young people like you..

  16. Ness! we miss you!!

    Chiara: I'm glad you enjoyed it :D and yes, that is the website for the conference. I shall discuss the Tina Fey resemblance with Loulwa as soon as she's back from Dubai insha'allah :)

  17. Adel: thank you, it's good to know we're being supported. it's not easy carrying this on.

  18. Nice picks... and great initiative, but I still would not like to go there :) nor to any other hospital...

  19. Great work Souma! I love each and every one of them :)

  20. WOW .LOVELY people ,and inspiring shots...
    well done...THANKS FOR SHARIN THIS, it is Saudis like you who makes us better

  21. Nice stuff there keep it up ;)


  22. Mashallah!
    great work.. it's wierd looking at the pic's and thinking "i've been there" =P
    and the video is awesome.. i <3 that song

  23. Amazon post Asmaa.. really proud of u all :)

  24. Roah!! i <3 you babe! thank you for helping us realize this!

    Sam: thank you! it's my pleasure sharing this!

    Amrush: Thanx! so I take it you are on very personal terms with Ibrahime?

    Hanan: Thank you dear! yes!! we've all been in these halls xD and Ibrahime picked the song :)

    Fouad: Glad you enjoyed it :D

  25. HI .. I would like to communicate with who made the donate smile video .
    please send the contact and email to my work email :

    والسلام عليكم

  26. My picture was taken but I did not find it in the video. It seems that one should meet certain criteria for his/her picture to be included in the video!! I have to admit that I am really deeply hurt. I wish I haven't seen the video and I wish I haven't allowed you to take my picture as obviously you are not trustworthy

  27. World:
    I'm sorry you feel that way. We apologized beforehand to everyone whose photos didn't make it. If you were a girl; it is most probably because your hair was showing and we were requested to remove it, if you were a guy; then it is probably a statistical issue. Either way, if the photo did not meet our aesthetic standards, it's nothing personal. As I obviously have no idea who you are.

  28. Masha'a'Allah masha'a'Allah! what beautiful sisters!!! Beautiful smiles. Masha'a'Allah. :) :) :)


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