Monday, May 17, 2010

إرهاب الشوارع

Ladies and gents, this is a very important message put in a very professional matter. And it comes in HD too!

This is made by Ala'a Al Maktoum who lives in Saudi Arabia. He describes himself as a "designer. musician. amateur photographer. obsessed with multimedia and movies. KFUPM graduate in architecture."

English subtitles added in the annotations.


  1. Very impressive public service/safety message!

    When I see car accident injury statistics I wonder how many are head injuries, with long term neuro-psychiatric consequences. I also wonder how many of those are children, especially since seatbelts are not customary, making children especially projectile objects in a car accident.

    A Moroccan child psychiatrist told me a few years ago that the single highest dx they saw in a major city university hospital clinic was neuro-psychiatric disorders secondary to head injuries in car accidents.

    Since Saudi is taking gold medals in this field of car accident deaths and injuries, I wonder what the child and adult neuro-psychiatric clinics are like there.

    Neuro-psychiatric disorders are elusive and expensive to treat. They result in the types of dysfunction that impede learning, work and social integration. all don't need me to tell you anything, but I heartily second Al-Maktoum's message, and applaud his talent in conveying it!

  2. amazing video Asmaa, thanks for sharing. the figures are shocking wallahi :(...

    I just posted something in my blog about the video..
    i really hope this video will reach everyone in KSA...

    may Allah protect all of us. Amen

  3. he did amazing job
    hats off to him


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