Down With Shawerma!

So, when I read about banning shawerma in Al-Ahsa during the summer in a local newspaper a while ago I thought it was joke. Until Ahmed mentioned that he haven’t had one in ten days. Need I remind you that we have 330 days of summer in this country? And I’m just being optimistic.

The reason behind this ban is that many have suffered from food poisoning after having shawerma from a number of different venues. And as Ahmed mentioned, it’s a lazy way to deal with the matter, instead of investigating it why not simply ban shawerma altogether?

And did I mention they banned mayonnaise in sandwiches too? Yes! Finally someone took a stand against mayo! No, this time I am seriously cheering them on. With increasing obesity in a country that prevents half it’s population from exercise for religious reasons, mayo should be banned.

Shawerma is one of the relatively healthier food options, considering that almost all our national dishes require killing an animal and using all it’s body fat to flavour the obscene amounts of rice that come with it. Did I mention that I’m a vegetarian?

Obesity, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, atherosclerosis and heart diseases are alarmingly increasing. The majority of Saudi women have decreased levels of Vitamin D, many suffer from osteoporosis.

We inherit our eating habits from our mothers, and our mothers inherit their eating habits from their mothers and so on. We don’t eat food because it is good for us, we eat food because we think it’s good for us.

Those fed more vegetables than meat, such as yours truly, end up veggie eaters. Others, such as most of our society, who are taught that meat is best food one could have, and offer, as it indicate nutritional value and socio-financial status end up devouring obscene amounts of meat; and what goes nicely with meat? Obscene amounts of fat soaked rice. Atherosclerosis, anyone? Comes with a side of bacon.

If you can’t/won’t fix your own eating habits, the least you can do is fix those of your children at a young age. They will eat what YOU put on their plate, and so will your grandchildren and great-grandchildren.


  1. for a while I thought u finally stopped being a veggie eater so I shouted "yaaaaaaay" but i got disappointed eventually :p

    Well...banning culture is not new to us so i am not surprised...but i was expecting Jubail to do it instead of AlAhsa-because people here are so uptight when it comes to food...

    And somehow you have linked shawarma banning with rice :D...well as you said, the way how people here cook rice is suicidal! and you what's funnier? it is our main dish although we do not grow it!

    As I grow older....I realized that I should've eaten more vegetables back when I was younger :(

    Damn you carbs!

  2. Nicely put!

    The best lecture I heard on atherosclerosis included the line, "Atherosclerosis is a pediatric disease".

    The meaning in context was that it begins in childhood with childhood eating patterns, and gradually develops until we discover it by its complications in adults.

    Contemporary diets only speed up the process.

    Mediterranean diets are healthiest it seems.

    Great treatment of this topic!

  3. i thought u gonna jump up euphorically with all the chickens and lambs that gonna be saved from this :p

    i kinda think banning mayo is a good move,but come to think of it,it doesnt make sense to ban mayo when ciggies are still out there.

    its pretty...sad.

  4. Waseem: sorry to disappoint u hun, still a vegetarian!
    but we "grow" cattle, on trees.

    Chiara: thanx! i couldnt agree more, our eating habits are terrible!

    Dentographer: nah, i'm not likely to run around with a sign saying "SAVE THE CHICKENS!" but then, to each his own, maybe mayo eaters feel the same way about it as smokers do ciggies, a sort of addicition "must have mayo *scratches arms*screams*spends sleepless nights*" no?

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  6. I'm tempted to stock up on shawermas and deep freeze them in case the ban gets expanded to neighboring municipalities :P

    Saudi Arabia's 'ban everything' policy is annoying to say the least. But I do think that an attack on Saudi's favorite pastime - eating - is going to have a lot of anger from the people ;P

    My favorite quote on food goes like this:
    "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants"

    It beats all diet plans, calorie counting and 'detoxing' programs. Healthy eating is a lifestyle choice and kudos to your being a vegetarian. Not something that I could do (I NEED MY SHAWERMA!), but definitely an ideal I could look up at :)

  7. Hopefully this wont happen in Jeddah, or Im sure will be alive with comments! We love our Shawarma!


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