I Should Grow a Moustache.

read [this]?

The king said "the unemployed citizen", how did that turn into "unemployed males"? Aren't you all done with stealing from the people? One day your children and grandchildren will need this country, the one you're robbing now, and they won't find it.

Females are already being paid less than males for doing the same jobs. In addition, female teachers, which is the occupation most females in this country practice, are on a different occupational scale than men. They get paid less, less bonuses, not to mention not receiving a transportation allowance while not being able to drive.

Did i mention that a while ago, traffic police were considering asking every woman buying a car to present a "permit" from her male guardian allowing her to own the machine? Not sure what happened to that idiotic proposition, but if it ever falls through, I suggest not allowing males to buy kitchen appliances, furniture or even paint without their female ma7ram allowing it.

Yes, I'm THAT pissed off. I go to college in the morning, study my bum off in the evening, my house is included in Al Ruwais Project (which means the home i lived in since i was born will be demolished to feed a few men's insatiable greed. My house is not in the slums, and it did NOT drown in the past two floods. Why are you demolishing it?)

I am not ready to take out a few thousand riyals off my future pay just to accommodate a less intelligent male for the sole purpose of operating my means of transportation while I am more than capable of doing so.

And don't get me started to the state of healthcare and the judicial system. That'll take two separate blog posts, this one's just venting.

I don't feel like "half" a citizen, I'm not quite sure i'm a citizen to begin with since all my forms of identification and any acknowledgment of my existence since the day i'm born can only be verified by a male.


  1. I don't think a moustache is the answer. Some women have them and it's still not helping. I suggest we grow a pair of balls. Any good plastic surgeon out there?

  2. that is quite the suggestion! but i dont want to be hairy O_O (yes, that is all i can think about)

  3. that is the saddest thing i've ever read

    بجانب قرار منع منح الرعاية الطبية *مجانا* في المستشفيات الحكومية.. ما اعرف صح و لا لأ..

    بس الله لا يسامحهم. الله لا يوفقهم. الله يورينا اجمعين فيهم يوم اسود غابر و يشفي غليلنا فيهم.. قادر يا كريم

  4. Hello !
    I hope you are well. It is clear situation in your country is mostly unknown for people in the west...
    :-s they can't imagine such organisation of the society. I found your blog throug an article in a french news website (yahoo.fr)
    what do you mean when you say you have a legal guardian ? isn't he your father ?
    I have friends in the country on the other side of the persian gulf, they don't have this system.

    I wish you a nice day.
    Cold fish

  5. Mahisard: yes, he is my father, but I am 24 and I cannot work, study or travel without a written consent, A woman cannot even go to court or be released from jail if her guardian (father, brother, son, uncle) doesn't accompany her.

    There are women still in Jail because their guardian refuses to pick them up after their sentence.

  6. Salam Souma,
    I understand what you mean :-( That was the idea I had about women condition in Iran the First time I spoke with my iRanian friEnds, but it seEms it doesn't exist so strictly in Iran . .. it is worse in your country :-(
    It is diFficult to speak on the foRum.
    it is a sort of priority to ignorance. And people who want to develop the potential of all their children are nearly strange people :-s
    have a nice evening.

  7. I take my hat off for you Asmaa.
    Well said, my friend.

  8. Souma, I've just read about your website in a French newspaper (Liberation). I live in Istanbul, and I've tried to access it through the normal network...

    ...and discovered it is forbidden here!


    Today there was a demonstration in Istanbul for the freedom of press (close to 100 journalists in jail).

    And now that...

    ...your website has been forbidden by the Turkish authorities. Any idea why?

    Anyway, good luck to you :)

    Greg (access through iPredator VPN)

  9. Greg, it means a lot to me that you went through trouble to reach my blog and comment! I really hope the journalists are released and you get freedom of press, and hopefully so will we.

    I have no idea why it's blocked, I'm asking my friends on twitter hoping any of them has an answer.

    Wishing you the best of luck!

  10. I am a doctor and a woman - I can feel your anger in your writing. You are right - you are articulate, intelligent and should be allowed the basic human rights of identity and self-determination.

    I have never understood why sexism can be explained away as traditional and yet racism e.g. apartheid results in sanctions against the country in question.

    Stay strong! Women in the West have only had the freedoms you seek for decades - your turn will come and women like yourself are on the forefront of that fight.

    As we stay in NZ Kia Kaha (have strength).

    Lots of love

    Kate (medical oncologist who votes, has bank accounts, owns property and drives and still manages to be a loyal wife and mother)


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