Is This It?

 صف عزاء وزير التجارة الأسبق محمد علي العوضي: زوجة و ابنيّ أخيه المتوفى، و أنا و أمي و أختي.
الله يرحمه و يغفر له. 

He's travelled far and wide, lived life to the fullest. Why then must he have my miserable self as a reminder of his time on earth? Shouldn't that row consist of gleaming speciments of what he spent his life achieving? It shouldn't include the girl who visited him frequently whom he could never remember her name.

He spent the past few years in and out of hospitals, he had a weak heart that couldn't be fixed. Whenever we'd visit, and that was quite frequently, my mother would have to introduce me as "Asmaa, my daughter. I'm Jameela, Mohammad Amin's daughter. Remember me, Uncle?".

He did remember me once though, a few years back. I was visiting him at the hospital with mom and the nurse walks in to note down his preference for breakfast. He wanted an egg sunny side up, the nurse had no idea what a sunny side up was. Though he explained, he ended up with an omelette the next morning.

I can't help but think that i'm going to end up the same way, if not cremated because no-one is there to claim me.

I have friends and I do believe that they love me, but I don't have anyone to remind people of my life just by being there. Someone you'd look at and think: I miss Asmaa, she wasn't half as bad as she thought she was.

So many people know who he was, but none stand as a testimony to who he was. Which leaves him with his late brother's wife and sons, my mother, sister and I.

Do be kind enough to pray for him.

Directions to where the funeral is being held [here]


  1. الله يغفر له و يلحقه بأحبابنا ..

  2. الله يغفرله ويدخله فسيح جناته

    I'm sorry for your loss, dear. Sorry I didn't say it earlier. "Warm comfort hugs"
    Please pass on my condolences to your mother as well.

    This post has me so sad for different reasons. Picturing one’s own mortality and all.

    I'd miss you and I do believe you're not half as bad as I think

  3. Omair: thanx

    Bassem: thank u sweetie. I still need to a3zim nafsi 3ala baitakum, set a date!


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