home - Part III


I don't seem to be able to understand the fact that this house will no longer be part of my life. That once we leave this house, it'll cease to exist. It's been my home for too long.

Home is where the heart is, and my heart's been here too long. If I live to be 80 I would've approximately spent one third of my life in this house.

I'm acting as if we're only going on a long vacation. That I'll come back home, drag my suitcase up the stairs (while apologising to the plants for having been away for so long), go to my room, take my shoes off and walk on my soft blue carpet, then fall on my bed. But this house will no longer be here after we leave it. I won't be able to come back home again, my home won't be here.

This really really hurts, you won't believe how excruciatingly painful this is.


  1. I've been through this awful experience, I think I know how much pain you're going through right now :(

  2. You know I grew up in Al-ruwais too, I left in 2008. The idea of my childhood home being alive in my memories made it bearable.

    I hope they put a garden where my home is, so I take my children there and tell them stories from my childhood.

  3. Waseem: Thank you.

    Duha: I hope so too. If they turned it into a mall, I'm never setting foot in it though. And I still severely dislike them. Very severely.


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