On Paperwork and the Ministry of Education.

This is a little story my mother told me today:

My lovely mother, who is a mathematics school supervisor working for the Ministry of Education, has been considering retirement for quite some time and finally filed her papers some 2 weeks ago.

This morning she received a phone call from a security guard who works at the main male office telling her that a man found an envelope lying in the street containing papers belonging to her. Turns out they were the papers she filed 2 weeks ago: a copy of her ID, a copy of her bank number, and other official papers among them.

After a long search, which details I'll spare you, through male and female departments on how such papers ended up in the street, my mother made an astonishing discovery on the methods of transporting documents between the male and female departments in the Ministry of Education: they slip the papers from underneath the door.

I kid you not, they slip them from under the door. No porter, no box, no basket, no window, they simply slip the papers from underneath the door.

And how did my mother's papers end up in the street? Someone slipped them from underneath the door, they were kicked, fell down the stairs, and off into the street. That, ladies and gents, is what happens to official paperwork in the Ministry Of Education in Saudi Arabia.

I am dumbfound. How many other people's papers were ''misplaced" due to this mechanism? How many other ministries utilise this terribly careless method?


  1. Until we read a blog post similar to this one about another ministry, I'll assume this is how MOE male and female parts communicate.. *I'm sure this is the method used in schools*


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