Geekfest Gamma!

It is time for GEEKFESTGAMMAOMG!!!

Do you remember the last GeekFest? Here are the pictures! [click here]

What is GeekFest Gamma?

  • The 3rd invite-only GeekFest held in Jeddah with an estimated 100+ attendees 
  • Held on October 11, 2012 (Thursday) from 5pm to 10pm 
  • Held in one venue (The Store), but in a socially-accepted segregated manner 
  • Theme: Collaboration / Community

What to expect at GeekFest?
  • Local artists who are part of the geeky community will be featured 
  • A comic-book making workshop will take place with a competition 

  • 4 speakers will give a GeekTalk on these topics: Community-building, Arabic Sci-Fi, Design and the female gaming community in Riyadh. (All will be shared online on GeekFestʼs Vimeo account for those unable to come to the event.)

  • A discussion on gaming practices and video games will take place 
  • A popular fantasy card game tournament will take place 


- GeekFest Jeddahʼs Venue Partner The Store, a concept store for ladies in Jeddah, will provide 
  F&B at the event.

- TechnoCases 

Here are the companies participating during the event as TechnoCases for Gamma: 
  • Graphytes 

A local design company headed by Ammar Sabban, they will be giving a workshop on design and 
a comic-making activity. They have also designed the official posters for GeekFest Gamma. 
  • Samsung 

The electronics company will be showcasing some of their latest products, notably their new line of 
Smart TVs. 
  • Virgin Megastore 

Virgin will be providing GeekFest with some of their products to be used at the event by the 
attendees, as well as a surprise activity where attendees have a chance to win prizes from their 

How To Get To GeekFest?
Gamma is an invite-only event. To get invites, geeks are encouraged to sign up for and actively 
participate in GeekFest Jeddahʼs Trello board as a member of the community. For now, the event 
is exclusive to the geeky community of Jeddah. GeekFest events will eventually be open to public.

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Now, A Tiny Bit Of Background History:
  • GeekFest originated in Dubai, UAE through Alexander McNabb of Spot On PR - founder, creator, and active supporter of GeekFest events in the region, and Saadia - formerly of Shelter Dubai. They wrote the Geekyfesto - a manifesto to guide other cities taking on a GeekFest. GeekFest Jeddah stays true to the genuine UNorganized and undefined spirit of GeekFest. 
  • There are 4 main parts of a GeekFest event: GeekTalks, TechnoCases, ArtStuff, and GameFest

See you at GeekFest Gamma ladies and gentlemen!