Portraits, Part One.

I can't believe it's been 5 months since I last blogged! Between the internship, my quarter life crisis, and trying to figure out what to do with my life, time flew!

Recently though, I've been doing a healthy amount of portrait photography. Here are a few of the unfortunate volunteers who really had no choice:

The ever so lovely Ahmed Al Omran, have you seen his most recent project "Riyadh Bureau"?


Also, are you familiar with the "T3rf De?" project? In their words, "T3rf De is a small project that was started with a simple idea in mind; that the line between expert knowledge and general knowledge should be blurred. But of course, it won’t just be about science, but will also include information that can be useful in daily life." And those are the brilliant young men behind that project!
The lovely Faisal Aseeri, having abused my wardrobe:

The wonderful Omair Taibah:

And our mad scientist, Dr. Sari Sabban!


And now I would like you to meet my crochet/origami/sewing buddy, the cutie pie that is Sara! She is a fellow Whovian, and the force is strong with this one! Also, my fez appears to be a popular prop! Here is her tumblr.


Mr. Hassan is a proper gentleman: pocket watch, sipping tea, witty poetry and all. He also happens to arrange "Magic: The Gathering" matches! Did I mention he's a proper geek as well?

Hopefully I'll have a new batch of portraits soon! Anyone you'd like to see?


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