Indefinitely Minor

Imagine, if you may, a woman in her late 20s - early 30s. Said woman made it through school, college, got a job, and maybe even climbed up the ladder in her workplace. She's accomplished, capable, and she should know it.

But does she?

She's always had a "legal guardian" at every step of the way. Said guardian didn't contribute to anything, but that doesn't mean he didn't claim responsibility for her success. Deep down she knows it's all her, but he's claimed her success far too many times for her to be able to believe in herself. This left her with a case of imposter syndrome. She also feels that she'd amount to nothing without him, regardless of his utter lack of contribution.

Thusly, she's afraid of going her own way. She feels as if she can't survive without him, even though it's all been her all the time. But she's been conditioned that she can't function without him looking over her shoulder, telling her what not to do. The (sadly) naturally occurring fear that accompanies being a woman is compounded through the presence of this man, because his presence indicates there are things out there that she's oblivious of and needs to be protected from.

I hate this feeling. It is in the very core of me and I can't get rid of it. Do other Saudi women feel the same? Is it this difficult for women elsewhere?


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