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This part, ladies and gentlemen, is about a topic often discussed: "Who has the higher pain threshold: Men or women?"

Men argue that women will never understand the pain of being kicked in the nether region, as they do not possess the anatomy. When one thinks of it, "growing a pair of balls" isn't the best advice nor is it advice to make one tougher and more impermeable to pain, as testicles are of the least protected body organs and are very prone to injury. I would suggest one grows a pair of ovaries instead.

Women, though, argue that men would never understand the worse pain they go through, as they are anatomically challenged: Labour pain. Here are two videos of experiments found online, give them a look.

Many would argue that men do not have the psychological safety net of "bringing new life into this world" and are thus less psychologically prepared/willing to go through this pain until the end.

During their simulated labour, they were offered Nitrous Oxide and Pethidine to help with the pain. As to not ruin the experiment, they were not offered an epidural. Sadly, epidurals are not readily offered at all hospitals in the Kingdom and most women only have access to Nitrous Oxide in the delivery room, I only wish I had statistics.

The Centre for Disease Control (CDC) does have statistics!  Those numbers show who uses it, which birth and what complications did they have.

 Women do not have to go through all of this pain anymore during childbirth, it is our duty as doctors to improve their quality of life, and alleviating their pain is but a small part of that. Bringing children into this world should not be a punishment (having to raise them in the hypocritical, rotten world of today is punishment enough).

Would love to hear your thoughts on this!


  1. I have been really enjoying this series, and this was a surprise and a very good topic.

    My first year of medical school I attended a lecture on anaesthesiology by a woman (and feminist) anaesthesiologist. She presented well-designed research showing that the pain experienced in childbirth is at the same levels as that of amputating a leg below the knee.

    It was an excellent example, not only reflecting the history of anaesthesia use and development, but pointing to how ludicrous it would be not to offer pain relief in childbirth when it would be malpractice and culturally inconceivable to do so for an amputation.

  2. Dear Chiara:

    Thank you for your wonderful support! I love how informative your comments always are, please keep them coming, they keep me writing!!

  3. As a lady in Jeddah :) I think you are doing a fabulous job with these posts!

    Please, though, don't only present the medical birth culture that equates birth pain with that of amputation - that doesn't make any sense at all, birth is stretching not breaking, addition not subtraction, and includes gradually increasing pain and breaks in-between the stretching/stinging pain of a contraction. We think of childbirth as requiring a hospital setting as though it is an affliction or a disease and needs to be treated or fixed. The more I look, and that's all I did when I was pregnant and terrified, the more I find that women have forgotten or been scared into abandoning a lot of wisdom that got us through millenia of childbearing before men got interested in adding this lucrative business to their professional practices in the 1800s.

    Consider that "A good obstetrician has been defined as one equipped with a broad rear end and the good sense to sit calmly on it and let nature take its course." . . . That's my two hallalas as a mom who has had a natural birth and lived to want to do it again. :)

    and here are some Jeddah ladies that say and share more from this perspective: http://susiesbigadventure.blogspot.com/2011/06/doulas-in-jeddah.html

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