King Abdulaziz University Hospital

This was a very serious shoot of a very serious building. Serious shoots should never be taken so seriously, so those are the photos i like of it. The rest of the very serious shoot you'll see on posters and on their website. click on the photos for a larger version.


the fountain i've never seen water in

those reflections would be of Monica and I.


  1. hehehe
    i've never seen water in the fountain either

  2. i know!! college can be such a beautiful place if not for all the hypocrisy!

  3. :D i'm glad!! click on the photos for a larger version!!!

  4. those pics are really lovely mashallah... totally love them ♥... never thought that KAUH would look so sexy in pics :p

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  6. i'm glad! took quite the effort and it feels good to be appreciated!

    will be displaying a painting and a photograph in the Artophelia II exhibition at the hospital, do pay it a visit :D

  7. I already did :D... amazing mashallah ... wish one day i'll get to participate in it... ♥


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