Nikon FM-10, RED

Nikon FM-10
Fujifilm 100

A flim roll on which i only shot red objects. The Al-Baik tissue wrapper is shot by the ever so lovely Fahad Ayyad and the blurry red lighter is shot by the ever so handsome Baraa Al Hussamy.

Click on the photo for the full size.


  1. so pretty.
    your pictures are so poetic, like the 100 years of solitude. they speak volumes of individuality, yet bound together in parallel acknowledgement of each other's needs to privacy.

    Are you anything like the stories in your pictures?

  2. I don't know why. When I saw the wala3a, this is what came to mind: "la til3b belnar, t7ro asabee3k." :P Nice photography though.


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