Dibyaza is the food every Makkawi and Jeddawi waits for on the 1st day of Eid. It’s a sort of marmalade, a strictly Hijazi custom, which I spent 3 hours at the kitchen helping my uncle prepare.

First, the different nuts are roasted, then “gamar al deen” which is dried peach paste is mixed with water and sugar and is added to the roasted nuts in a large pot. It is then brought to boiling point and fresh figs, peaches and special sugary dates are added. It is left to simmer while continuously stirring it for a couple of hours until the desired consistency is achieved.

The amount and types of nuts used depends on the family and their financial status, since nuts don't always come cheap, and the dates used here are called "gilada", meaning a necklace.

And here are photos!

Our lovely Chef, Engineer Abdulhameed Al Awadi. a.k.a. my uncle:


"Gamar Al Deen" after soaking:

Here are the figs!

Those are the dates, they are called "gilada" because they are placed on a thread like beads in a necklace:

Pine nut!

And the hazelnuts:


Cashews! my favorite part of debyaza!

And the walnuts!

And the raisins:

then, the cardamom:

and the cloves:

Still simmering, the end product is slightly thicker in consistency and more orange in colour, the nuts become softer and it'd be more marmalade-like. will post a photo of the end product as soon as my uncle declares it prepared!

and THIS is the end product! dibyaza!


  1. *mouth watering*

    Any Idea where I can get my hands on some in Shargiya?

  2. sorry hun, no clue where u can find that in shargiyyah... but come to jeddah and i'll supply u!

    P.S. click on the photos for full view! i didnt go through all that trouble for nothing!!

  3. I love the photos!! They all look yum!!

  4. Awal marrah asma3 3n el Dibyaza,, el photos teshahee lbaqawah! i would love to try it!

    but is it like a dssrt or main course or snk or what???? and eatting with rice or 5obz or just like shorabah?????

  5. Ness: thanx xD

    Firyal: glad to be of educational purposes :D its served just like marmalade, with bread. usually to dip in but not make a sandwich of.

  6. Wow that is SO nutty! Would love to try it.. Sounds a little bit like Bahraini Halwa, only upper scale :D

    Great photoes by the way!

  7. interesting! will try to make it!

  8. I'm not sure what should I say :p... I'm in love with this post... the pics, the description...
    i've never ever ever tried it before...
    now i really want to !!!!

  9. xD apparently i made dibyaza pretty famous!


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