Exposure - Part Deux.

So, sometime last week i came across a Mamiya C220, and being in love with twin lens reflex cameras and waist level viewfinders, I couldn't help myself! Shot two test rolls, got them developed et voilĂ ! Jolies, non?

Films were 120 Fujifilm colour, ISO 160. Shot at f/2.8 with a relatively slow shutter around 1/15 sec.

rainbow! xD
Model: the ever so lovely Dr. Hakeem.

otherwise its pretty sharp...
Model: the awesome Dr. Youssof.

Model: a cup, accompanied by the lovely Menelik Seth.

All photos copyrighted to the awesome Asmaa Mohurji. Please do not steal. kthnxbai!


  1. I've noticed film has a different 'texture' (i dont know what else to call it :s) than digitals. Theres a little bit more grain, but its certainly more pleasing.

    Oh and the second pic --> I see a Nikon :P

  2. it feels "real" in way... no matter how many times i back up my digital work, its still not as real to me...

    yes, the Nikon belongs to The Awesome Dr. Youssof, as i am a Canon person...


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